Rant Against AMZ Small and Light Program

Dear Jeff,
I know you guys are working hard to make seller experience better. However i want to point out how difficult it is to be part of the Amazon small and light program. As far as i understand, the program is intended to make shipping and handling cheaper for FBA sellers who are selling small items. The enrollment process is one of the worst i have seen.
I have existing items that need to be enrolled, and i have new items that have to be enrolled. When the enrollment portal was released, i was so excited that there is a way to enroll stuff. However, the UX was horrible because i have to submit csv file with tab delimiter. Why even release a portal if the goal is to give people a XLS file to generate a CSV file? That does not makes sense.
Secondly, my submission keeps on failing with the message of which my item is commingled. What does that even mean? I contacted your support staff and your support staffs didn’t really know much about this process and they had to escalate to really figure out what’s wrong. But the suggested resolution to the problem is less than stellar:
“The listing also needs to be uncommingleable to be part of the Small and Light program. This is why you are getting the error message “This offer is commingled. You may create a new seller-fulfilled offer and submit it for enrollment.”.”
Basically, the problem here is that i have created the listing and enrolled them into FBA without enrolling the listing into light and small program. The system will not accept this and the only way to go about it is to create a brand new listing and list that into small and light program first before I turn on FBA.
I have a question for you. Shouldn’t light and small program be a property on the listing? Why should the seller be creating a new listing in order to be enrolled into the small and light program?
This is very poor experience and unnecessarily complicated for such a easy configuration. I really just expect that to be a button or check box in the listing that controls that.
Thanks for your attention.

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