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Diving in the Cold is All Worth It

I got on the Peace dive boat with Eco Dive Center, and embarked on this fun dive adventure this weekend over at Channel Island. We gathered around the dock at roughly 6:30am to prepare our gear for the trip.


The boat ride there was pretty rough due to the big swell on the open sea. People were getting sick, vomit, praying that we would get to the dive site soon. The condition was not exactly perfect, and the captain took an extra hour to get to our first dive site.

Geared up, I dove into the ice cold ocean water. The shock of the cold water did not deter me. My dive buddy Keith and I were very set on finding the baby seals, and little did we know, a baby seal showed up and interacted with us the whole dive. Check out our video.

The second dive has —– LOTS OF KELPS.